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Asphalt Solutions is the paving contractor in Greenville, NC that can meet all your pavement
needs. Asphalt is made of recyclable materials, making it one of the most efficient products for
any paving project you may have. It’s low energy consumption makes production of it
low impact on the environment. In fact, it takes about 20% less energy to produce asphalt
than any other pavement material. Going with asphalt will help you save on energy costs as well.

Not only is asphalt efficient to use, it is easy to repair. If the surface gets cracks
and shows wear, you simply remove the top layer and replace it with a fresh coat. What’s removed
can be reused to create new asphalt material. This makes it one of the most sustainable paving
products on the market. Even old concrete can be reused with asphalt. Old concrete that has seen
its last days, can be broken up in a process called rubblization. This material is then used
as a base for the asphalt to be laid on top.

Asphalt production is incredibly low in emissions compared to the making of other pavements.
Between 1970 and 1999, asphalt makers reduced emissions by 97% and increased production by 250%.
Talk about an environmentally safe and efficient product! There’s no denying that the better option
for your paving and construction needs is asphalt.

Contact Asphalt Solutions in Greenville, NC to find out more about our great asphalt products and
services. Whether it’s a new driveway for your home, a parking lot for your small business, church,
or other building, Asphalt Solutions will help you with your construction needs.