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When making an investment, you want it to last as long as possible. There is no reason why your driveway or sidewalk shouldn’t last long.  Paving Contractors in Washington and Greenville, NC says that your pavement requires regular maintenance. Without maintenance your pavement will have cracks, potholes, and will be destroyed before you know it.
Asphalt Solutions paving contractors in Greenville, NC have a couple tips that will ensure that your pavement last longer.
Use Quality Asphalt
The foundation of your pavement is important. Many pavements  failures start with the foundation. It is important to use quality materials from the bottom up. Choosing and using the best materials is best when laying asphalt. All pavements rely on the soil beneath them for support.
 Keep Pavement as Dry as Possible
Moisture can damage asphalt. It is very important to keep water away from pavement. Standing water can weaken any pavement. To stop this, you must ensure a way to drain water. If the water permeates through pores and cracks it could cause erosion. If erosion happens, your pavement will swell can cause cracks, potholes and deterioration of the structure. If this happens, it is best to contact Asphalt Solutions paving contractors in Washington, NC to install a drain and handle the problem.
Keep it Clean and Seal it
Not only will water wear out your pavement but debris such as leaves, rocks and dirt will also. It is important to keep your pavement clean regularly. Sealing it and cleaning will definitely keep your pavement lasting longer.  Asphalt Solutions can seal your pavement in Greenville and Washington, NC. Asphalt Solutions has skilled technicians and the latest spray equipment to apply the proper coatings and revitalize your parking areas.
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