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Flower bushes, plants and trees are a beautiful way to accentuate any yard, and nothing looks better than a row of beautiful flowers lined along your winding driveway. Not only do these trees add a touch of beauty to your yard, but they can also offer some privacy from neighbors and traffic. However, you have to be careful when you plant trees or bushes near your driveway or sidewalk. Here are some tips and guidelines from SFGate to help you out:

  1. As a general rule, the bigger the tree, the farther away it should be planted from your driveway. Do some research beforehand and find out how big your tree will grow. Typically, small trees that are less than 30 feet tall can be planted about 3 feet from your driveway, 30-50 foot trees about 6 feet, and trees taller than 50 feet at least 8 feet.

2. It’s also important to find out about your tree’s roots beforehand. Some trees, even if they’re on the small side, are not compatible with pavement because their roots spread far and wide. These roots can damage and crack your asphalt, and your asphalt can damage the tree’s roots as well.

3. You also want to keep in mind what sort of flowers or fruit the tree grows. If your tree produces a lot of sap or pollen, you probably don’t want to plant one near where you’d park. Or if a tree bears fruits or nuts, you might not want it near your driveway where it can crack windshields or damage tires.

If you’re looking for a beautifully paved driveway or parking lot, the paving contractors at Asphalt Solutions in Greenville, NC are the ones to call.