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When looking into doing asphalt repairs, many ask when is the best season to do so. Asphalt contractors in Greenville, NC believe that late spring and summer remain the ideal seasons to take on asphalt jobs and repairs. It is now Fall 2016, does that mean you cannot schedule an asphalt installations in Greenville, NC during the fall months? The fall season most of the time is the final opportunity to use any budget funds. Many business owners and homeowners plan to improve their curb appeal or parking lot pavement. Is it too late in the year to get started on those plans?
Sometimes, completing an asphalt repair may be easier in the fall, depending on the type of repair. Maintenance is vital prior to the end of the fall when temperatures may not be warm enough for sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your pavement. Sealing cracks is a vital important part of a preventative maintenance plan to make sure small cracks don’t turn into large cracks and large cracks do not turn into larger cracked areas or pot holes.
Other types of asphalt repair can be successful, but temporary asphalt layers must be replaced within a short period of time. Talk to an Asphalt Solutions, Inc contractor about the ideal methods and processes, as well as the options of adjusting the schedule to attain long lasting results. Contact us now.
Paving in the fall presents a variety of challenges for businesses, contractors and homeowners. If you need to have asphalt paving installed in cooler temperatures, be sure to understand exactly what to watch out for and keep a close eye on the conditions of your materials and worksite. With all conditions taken care of, paving in Fall can be done well. We hope you choose Asphalt Solutions, Inc. for all your asphalt needs.