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Asphalt Paving And Seal-Coating | Paving Contractors Washington, NC

Do you need a commercial asphalt and paving job done? The asphalt & paving in Greenville, NC  is here to make your driveway, parking lot, or playground the envy of your neighbors. We are still striping parking lots. We are focusing on grading, catch basin & drainage repairs, and sinkhole repairs that have been caused by the recent flooding. Here are some quick fixes before the end of the season.

Asphalt Paving and Repairs

Did the storms this year ruin your pavement? Asphalt Paving is an option when the asphalt deterioration is beyond repair or when creating a new asphalt area. When our paving contractors make our repairs, we begin by cleaning and removing debris from the area before applying a tack coat. The tack coat helps to insure a bond between the old and new layer. Hot asphalt is then installed to the specified depth and compacted with vibratory plate and/or a multi ton vibratory roller. Hot asphalt is a mixture of sand and gravel blended with asphalt cement that is spread and compacted to a smooth recyclable road surface. Contact our professionals and the state of your pavement will be nothing but a bad memory.


If your pavement is still in good shape, it may be time to seal it up before more frost starts to make cracks appear. The oil is the glue that holds asphalt together is highly susceptible to problems with sun, water, and traffic. To keep the asphalt from drying and cracking it needs to be seal coated. Sea-lcoating is a very cost effective preventative maintenance measure for extending the life of pavement. It resists damage from the sun, petroleum spills, and water penetration. Get it now before you regret it later. It’s way better to prevent rather than pay for harsh damage.


Finally, all of the crazy weather of this year probably took its toll on your parking lots. Add that “finishing touch” on a freshly paved or sealed parking lot with fresh striping to carry you in to 2017. In addition, striping should direct people safely around the parking lot by the use of crosswalks, stop bars, loading zone markings, and pickup areas. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affect every property owner. We can help you stay current on all new regulations and are able to help you by re-striping or re-configuring your lot according to ADA guidelines. So go ahead, get the striping you always wanted.

Ready to Call?

Asphalt Solutions is here for all of your asphalt and paving in Greenville and Washington NC needs. We are a full service paving company, equipped and willing to handle even your toughest pavement problems. We offer most conventional services as well as several specialty services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our asphalt contractors in Greenville, NC offer services in Greenville, Washington NC and surrounding areas. We provide professional services with a personal touch. Every customer is important. Contact us today for last minute asphalt and paving jobs. We hope you choose Asphalt Solutions, Inc. for all your asphalt needs.