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As dedicated paving contractors in Greenville, NC, we know that regular asphalt maintenance is key to ensuring a long life for your asphalt surface, whether it’s a parking lot or a driveway. Although, beyond standard maintenance, there are a few extra things you need to know about asphalt maintenance that might help your surfaces stay pristine. With that in mind, here are 3 superb tips from our experts.

1. Don’t Overseal

While we are a big advocate for sealing asphalt paving, there is such a thing as too much of it. Regular seal coating, which is about once every 3-4 years, is great for keeping your asphalt safe. However, as with all good things, there’s such a thing as too much, especially when you’re using latex emulsion sealer. This is because asphalt is an oil-based product and latex emulsion sealer is water-based. Sealcoating too often can actually cause the cracks and problem areas that you’re trying to prevent.

2. Pay Attention to Your Sub Base

The very first step for a strong asphalt installation is making sure you have a thick and well-compacted subbase. This is the foundation on which your asphalt surface will be built. This base should be 4-8 inches of solidly compacted granular fill, which depends on how well the soil beneath and around it can drain. Of course, your paving contractor with Asphalt solutions will have the knowledge to assess any existing bases or account for the many factors when building new subbases.

3. Get Help From a Paving Expert

Of course, the most important tip is to make sure you partner with an asphalt paving contractor that can help you maintain your driveway or parking lot. Asphalt Solutions is a full service paving company, equipped and willing to handle even your toughest pavement problems. We offer most conventional services as well as several specialty services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.
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