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Asphalt Solutions is a full service paving contractor in Greenville, NC, equipped and willing to handle even your toughest pavement problems. We offer most conventional services as well as several specialty services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
The NC sun can be brutal, especially during the long summer days, and it can wreak havoc on your pavement. That’s why it’s important to preserve your asphalt driveways and parking lots by sealcoating them. You can think of sealcoating like sunscreen for your asphalt. It protects your asphalt from the elements and helps to prevent damage like cracks and drying caused by the harsh rays of the sun.
Not only does sealcoating protect your asphalt from the sun, it also helps to prevent damage from oil and water, which your pavement is bound to come into contact with repeatedly.
Not only does sealcoating protect your asphalt, it also makes it look great. Sealcoating adds a dark black coating to your pavement that stands out. It also evens out the pavement for a smooth surface that ensures a smooth drive.
If you’ve had your asphalt for at least 6 months, then it’s time to have it sealcoated. It’s an investment that will help your asphalt to last longer, saving you time and money in the long run.
For all of your asphalt needs in the Greenville, NC area, call the paving contractors at Asphalt Solutions.